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Financial institutions are marketing services and investment products via their website. Many countries impose regulatory restrictions for offering or marketing financial services, even if a website visitor is accessing a financial institution's website without previous solicitation (so-called reverse solicitation).

Regulatory restrictions for marketing financial services via a website are often unclear. If available, this information is typically maintained as text-based regulatory handbooks or legal opinions, meaning that marketing and IT teams have to transform and code these regulatory restrictions into the website manually and update it every time there's a regulatory change. In addition, some financial institutions present static and lengthy legal texts as disclaimers that need manual maintenance to the website visitors.

Non-compliant financial services marketing can lead to significant legal, regulatory and reputational risks, especially if different stakeholders maintain them manually.


This guide explains how to integrate the Apiax Cross-Border API on your website to dynamically present only suitable and fully compliant products and services to website visitors while minimising maintenance in case of regulatory change.



Before starting, ensure that you have:

  • A SaaS subscription to the Apiax API (optional subscription to the platform)
  • An active subscription for the relevant digital compliance rules (content)
  • A user account with access rights
  • A ready to use API authentication and access
  • A capable customer-facing solution to integrate

For more information, see Apiax initial account setup.

Business cases and studies

Apiax offers a series of business cases and studies to gain further insights into the business benefits of switching to embedded compliance rather than following traditional compliance approaches.
Refer to the use cases webpage on or contact Apiax for more information and an overview of how you can move your business forward with ready-to-use solutions for embedded compliance.



This integration guide provides step-by-step instructions of a business case, taking you through the process of embedding compliance into your environment, team or process. Make sure to follow these steps with your specific case and situation in mind. Adopt and extend rules, attributes and API requests where necessary.

Apiax offers test and live API keys and rule governance and versioning functions for you to test and validate changes before applying them.


Example to get started

Financial Institution Ltd. is an asset manager operating in multiple countries, jurisdictions and its headquarter is in Switzerland. The customer base is global, and the offering includes a large variety of financial services and products. Currently, the website contains minimal and only generic services and products with extensive disclaimers to ensure legal compliance independent of the website visitor. In this case, Financial Institution Ltd. wishes to distribute content relating to their Brand Marketing, Discretionary Asset Management Services and Investment Funds.

Objective: Website visitors get financial services and products suited to their situation, for example, based on their domicile and location. Legal disclaimers can therefore be minimal. Up-to-date regulatory content from Apiax ensures changes apply automatically to the website.

Use case flow


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