2021.11 - November Platform Release 1

  • Updated

Platform Web: V3.77.0
Platform API: V1.57.0
Admin API: V2.14.0
Admin Web: V1.20.0
Reporting API: V1.39.0
Reporting Web: V1.19.0
Auth-Keycloak: V9.15.1



This Platform release contains the following updates.


Mobile access screens - Login and Forgot Password journey screens updated to be mobile-friendly. Find below a few examples.



2FA Disablement per Apiax Product - Users with access to both the Apiax Platform and Apps need to use two-factor authentication (2FA) when logging into the Apiax Platform, even if authenticated in the Apps portal.

New users don't need to use 2FA unless they require access to the Apiax Platform.


Bug fixes



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