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One size fits none. Apiax offers several integration options to support financial organisations in enhancing their teams, tools and processes with embedded compliance. The Apiax API lets you directly connect to the Apiax powerful rule engine enabling embedded compliance with your existing environment, be it your internal core banking or portfolio management system, an existing app, or a workflow solution.

Once you have an active subscription to the API, you receive an API key and user. 

Integration Guides

The Apiax integration guides provide step-by-step examples of how you can integrate compliance into your existing environment for different use cases. They explain how to use the API to create rules requests, which attributes you need to use, and how you can get the regulatory answers you need.
In addition, Apiax is happy to advise you which case best meets your specific integration needs.

Apiax restricts the integration guides to subscribed API customers. If you are an existing customer using either the Apps Portal or Platform, you can find a generic example of using the API in the Rule Inspection and Rule Evaluation documentation.

All the integration guides come with a package that includes guides with all the information you need to get started:


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